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2. Carolina Hair Surgery

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/carolina-hair-surgery 2

Address: 498 Wando Park Boulevard, Suite 400, Mount Pleasant 29464, South Carolina, United States
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Michael Vories, MD has practiced hair transplantation since 2003. He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and is a Diplomat of and serves on the Executive Committee of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. » More Info

3. My Hair Medical

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/my-hair-medical 3

Address: 15 Place Bellecour, Lyon 69002, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Rhône, France
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Our philosophy is to always take time to explain, to be accurate and artistic during the procedure, and careful in the post-operative care. » More Info

4. Dr. Otávio Boaventura

https://www.coleinstruments.com/physicians/dr-otavio-boaventura 4

Address: 4640 Contour Av, 4640, 15th floor, Staff, Belo Horizonte 30110-028, Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Every effort of Dr. Octavius ​​Boaventura aims to achieve maximum satisfaction of his patients through by achieving natural hair restoration results. » More Info

5. Shapiro Medical

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/shapiro-medical 5

Address: 5270 West 84th Street, Bloomington 55437, Minnesota, United States
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Dr. Shapiro is recognized by his peers as a leading expert in the field of Hair Transplant Surgery. » More Info

6. Dr Carlos Calixto

https://www.coleinstruments.com/physicians/dr-carlos-calixto 6

Address: 2199 Avenida T-3, Goiânia 74210.245, Goiás, Brazil
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Dr. Carlos Calixto, Plastic Surgeon, is Full member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and also the president and Postgraduate in Plastic Surgery at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. » More Info

7. Joerg Hugeneck, MD

https://www.coleinstruments.com/physicians/joerg-hugeneck-md 7

Address: 14 Löfflergasse, Wien 1130, Wien, Austria
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Joerg Hugeneck, MD is the medical director of the Moser Medical Group. Joerg perfoms surgical hair restoration since 1979 - with the Moser Medical Group. Our mature, experienced team has formulated two tasks side by side. » More Info

8. Newin Institute Hair Transplant

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/newin-institute-hair-transplant 8

Address: 100 Albert Road, South Melbourne 3205, Victoria, Australia
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Dr Bosnich utilizes both motorized and manual FUE at his new clinic in Melbourne (Australia), Newin Institute. » More Info

9. Gabel Center

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/gabel-center 9

Address: 900 Southeast 9th Avenue #201, Hillsboro 97123, Oregon, United States
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Steven Gabel, MD is the medical director of the Gabel Hair Restoration Center. » More Info

10. HTS Clinic

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/hts-clinic 10

Address: 36 Avenue de Tervueren 36, Bte 5 – 1st floor, Etterbeek B-1040, Bruxelles, Belgium
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For Dr Jean Devroye, hair restoration is a real art: each procedure is handled in a very careful way, considering each patient as unique. » More Info

11. AKClinics

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/akclinics 11

Address: 51 Sarabha Nagar, Patiala 147004, Punjab, India
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AKClinics are pioneers of hair transplant by Follicular Unit Extraction technique (FUE) and also Strip Technique Follicular Unit Transplant. » More Info

12. Ivan S Cohen, MD

https://www.coleinstruments.com/physicians/ivan-s-cohen-md 12

Address: 1305 Post Road, Fairfield 06824, Connecticut, United States
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Dr. Ivan S. Cohen has been a leader in the field of hair transplant surgery for over 25 years. » More Info

13. Eugenix Skin & Hair Sciences

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/eugenix-skin-hair-sciences 13

Address: 27 Haverford Road, Hicksville 11801, New York, United States
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Eugenix- Skin and Hair Sciences is one of the most leading skin and hair clinics in Gurgaon and Dehradun. » More Info

14. La Jolla Hair Restoration Center

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/la-jolla-hair-restoration-center 14

Address: 6515 La Jolla Boulevard, Suite C, San Diego 92037, California, United States
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Founded in 1995, La Jolla Hair Restoration Medical Center continues its tradition of unparalleled excellence, delivering the highest quality surgical care utilizing the most advanced hair transplant methods available today. » More Info

15. Conradin von Albertini, MD

https://www.coleinstruments.com/physicians/conradin-von-albertini-md 15

Address: 29 Am Schanzengraben, Zürich 8002, Zürich, Switzerland
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Dr. Conradin von Albertini runs a hair restoration clinic in Zurich, Switzerland. After residency in general and plastic surgery he has started specializing in hair restoration in 2003. » More Info

16. Skin and Hair

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/skin-and-hair 16

Address: 28 Aristomenous, Glifada 166 74, Attica, Greece
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17. Hair Transplant Seattle

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/hair-transplant-seattle 17

Address: 11007 Slater Avenue Northeast, Kirkland 98033, Washington, United States
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Dr. Brian Goertz is a Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon and founder of Hair Transplant Seattle. » More Info

18. Sikos Clinic

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/sikos-clinic 18

Address: 6 Edömér utca, Budapest 1113, Budapest, Hungary
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Sikos Hair Transplant FUE Clinic in Budapest, Hungary is a modern private clinic institute, providing the state-of-art hair transplant methods as FUT (Strip) hair transplantation and FUE hair transplantation. » More Info

19. True & Dorin Medical Group

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/true-and-dorin 19

Address: 499 7th Avenue, New York 10018, New York, United States
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As managing partner of the True & Dorin Medical Group, I exclusively practice in New York City. My partner, Dr. Robert Dorin, and I perform all procedures and specialize in pure follicular unit hair transplantation and follicular unit extraction. » More Info

20. My WHTC

https://www.coleinstruments.com/clinics/my-whtc 20

Address: 73 Rue Defacqz, Saint-Gilles 1060, Bruxelles, Belgium
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With some of the top surgeons in the world, WHTC offers patients only the best surgical hair loss solutions. The groupʼs ultimate goal is to make the surgical process both pleasant and rewarding for patients. » More Info

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