Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

CIT® Specialist Dr. Shahmalak Helps Major Trauma Survivors With High-quality Cole Instruments

CIT® Specialist Dr. Shahmalak Helps Major Trauma Survivors With High-quality Cole Instruments

Dr. Asim Shahmalak at Crown Clinic regularly reconstructs the eyebrows of acid attack victims. An attack where the culprit throws highly corrosive acid on the victim’s face, acid attacks leave catastrophic disfigurements that require numerous surgeries. Dr. Shahmalak’s restorations are helping these patients through a devastating experience no one should suffer.

One of nine hair transplant specialists worldwide with the credentials to reconstruct eyebrows, Dr. Shahmalak’s compassion and surgical expertise are both admirable. He regularly contributes his specialty to the benefit of trauma survivors as well has past patients that include Dr Christian Jessen, Calum Best, and Chris Butland-Steed.

A practitioner of CIT®, Dr. Shahmalak trained with Dr. Cole in 2014 and uses the PCID, one of our motorized punches. The minimal scarring from CIT® makes the technique ideal for reconstructive eyebrow procedures. Very similar to FUE, eyebrow restoration involves extracting grafts from the patient’s donor spot, usually the back of the head, and then transplanting them to the eyebrow area. Such procedures are very challenging and require both creativity and surgical expertise.


Fatima eyebrow hair transplant


Fatima, above, has undergone four reconstructive operations before Dr. Shahmalak restored her eyebrow


Niaz restore eyebrows


Niaz underwent eight reconstructive surgeries before Dr. Shahmalak restored her eyebrows


 Zahida Parveen 24 old burned gas cylinder kitchen


Dr Shahmalak has also helped Zahida Parveen, 24, who was badly burned by a gas cylinder in her kitchen


Dr Asim Shahmalak Manchester paskistan victim


Dr. Shahmalak conducting an eyebrow transplant procedure


Hair Restoration Helps Victims of Major Physical Trauma

Dr. Shahmalak’s charitable acts and advocacy are laudable unto themselves. They are also an important reminder of hair transplantation’s benefit to survivors of disfiguring trauma. Often considered a cosmetic procedure, hair restoratioration has an important role in reconstructive surgery.

Physical trauma can have devastating consequences, including loss of eyelashes, eyebrows, and head hair. One of the last procedures in reconstruction, hair transplants are necessary to restore any feature that includes hair. Even 20 years ago, however, such procedures were rare. Not until FUE rose to the forefront did eyebrow and eyelash reconstructions become prevalent.

CIT® is particularly suitable for such procedures. Among the most minimally invasive techniques in use, CIT® leaves scarring undetectable to the eye and is the only FUE variant that enable donor follicles to regenerate with ACell. This capability increases patients’ follicular donor pool, hair count, and coverage. Such strengths are important in cases of major physical trauma where donor hair can be sparse.

Dr. Shahmalak’s Good Works Exemplifies the Impact of Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be devastating in cases of trauma. Reconstructing eyebrows and eyelashes, as well obfuscating scalp scars, is often necessary in the final stages of reconstructive surgery. Restoring such features can have major benefit to a patient’s sense of self and willingness to socialize. Dr. Shahmalak’s extraordinary contributions raise awareness as well impact the day-to-day of patients recovering from disfigurement. All hair restoration specialists should look to his example.

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