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Doctors Reviews on Testimonial Page

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Monday, 25 April 2011 22:19;

The importance of using professional tools during hair transplant surgery have long understood among hair restoration physicians. In modern hair restoration phyisicians look for the best service for their patients by using professional, efficient surgical tools and correct calculation of the amount of work that was done. When choosing the best professional tools the procedure is in high quality, more faster for the doctor and more comftarable for the patient. Many doctors choose the Cole Instruments products and report great success. Therefore, we chose to include a testimonial page that list doctors and companies that use our products. Don't forget to come back and check our Testimonial Page for new testimonials!


RS Monials

    We are using the wonderful RS-Monials component by rswebsols.com on the testimonial page.
    Many including me have requested to have the option to use sef url with it.
    I have decided to make my own extention and share it with the community. Please feel free to download it from this link (right click save as):
  • com_rsmonials sh404sef plugin




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