Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

Dr. Arthur Gray 2nd visit to Cole Instruments

Dr. Arthur Gray 2nd visit to Cole Instruments

This week in our practice we had the pleasure of having Dr. Arthur Gray of Macon, Georgia come to visit our practice for the second time this year. Dr. Gray observed Dr. Cole extract over 7700 grafts using his CIT method of FUE during his brief stay here. There were five patients in our clinic during Dr. Gray’s visit here. Four of those patients received CIT procedures ranging from 1500 graft procedures to 2700 graft procedures. Another patient came in for an Acell/PRP stand alone treatment.

Dr. Gray did his undergrad at Emory University where he majored in Chemistry and went on to medical school at the Medical College of Georgia. He then went on to complete his residency in anesthesiology at MCG and is currently a board certified anesthesiologist at a level one trauma center in Macon, Georgia. He has been there for the last ten years. Dr. Gray recently decided that he was going to start performing FUE hair transplants in addition to continuing to work in the trauma center that he currently works in.

After finding out about Dr. Cole and researching his hair transplantation techniques, Dr. Gray decided that he wanted to employ Dr. Cole’s proven method of FUE in his own practice. He will be performing his first patient cases in November this year in Macon, Georgia. Dr. Gray has equipped his surgical suite with all of the Cole Instruments line of tools, including the PCID and is ready to get to work on his first patients.

Dr. Gray has been gearing up this year to start performing FUE surgery and feels that his experience here at Dr. Cole’s clinic has been invaluable. He stated that you just can’t get the same depth of knowledge by just going to a meeting. He shared with us that he likes Dr. Cole’s conservative approach and how he tries to do what is right by his patients and doesn’t try to oversell them and push more grafts than is necessary. Dr. Gray stated that seeing how Dr. Cole’s office is run was very important to knowing how to start doing his procedures and that he is looking forward to sharing his experiences with us as he gets started.

We look forward to hearing Dr. Gray’s success stories in the near future.

Cole team

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