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FDA Bans Powdered Medical Gloves

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Saturday, 17 December 2016 21:40;

Powedered Medical Gloves


The FDA do not take bans lightly. In fact, before last Friday only one other medical device has ever been banned -prosthetic hair fibers in 1983. Just as we approve of that decision we also applaud them for today's banning of powdered medical gloves.

Officially proposed on March 21, 2016, the barring of powdered medical gloves from hospital environments was first mentioned in 1997. Growing evidence indicated such powder poses numerous hazards. Some include hypersensitivity reactions, severe airway inflammation, lung inflammation, and allergic reactions. Further, powdered medical gloves can create post-surgical adhesions between internal organs and tissues.

So why today and not 1997? Fear of shortages. Unlike the late 90s, today's gloves include non-powdered alternatives that offer similar performance, dexterity, and protection. Transitioning to alternatives in today's industry will not frustrate public health.

At Cole Instruments we emphasize patient safety first. In fact, that is a prime reason for why we innovate. A practitioner and teacher of FUE since 2003, Dr. John Cole is among the first figures who helped this superior, and healthier, method gain prominence. He and Cole Instruments continue to find new ways to improve patient comfort and safety.

Our tools and techniques emphasize minimum invasion, leading to zero noticeable scars, quick recuperation, and top-tier results. The FDA's decision to ban powdered medical gloves co-aligns with our values and principles. We hope innovation continues paving the way for safer, more effective alternatives in all medicine.

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