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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

FUE Training in Turkey – Dr. Carlos Calixto’s Testimonial

FUE Training in Turkey - Dr. Carlos Calixto's Testimonial
hair transplant training ankara turkey

FUE hair transplant training is now offered in Ankara, Turkey, through the partnership of the Hairline Clinic and Cole Hair Transplant Group. The training has proven a success for Dr. Carlos Calixto, a prevalent plastic surgeon from Brazil, who has more than 30 years of experience in his field. He was drawn to this training program because he wanted to expand his understanding of FUE. He had purchased the mini-PCID from Dr. Cole of Cole Hair Transplant Group and wished to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform FUE. Since he has been practicing FUT for many years, Dr. Calixto thought it would be to his advantage to learn the FUE technique from the expert surgeons of Hairline Clinic and Cole Hair Transplant Group.

In a mere three days, Dr. Calixto learned how to perform FUE using both the motorized and manual extraction tools. Our unique training program is structured to provide attendees with all the necessary knowledge to perform successful FUE procedures. Dr. Calixto was taught how to use the PCID, choose the right punch, extract body grafts, control the transection rate, handle grafts, control temperature, and choose the magnifications and loupes that are most appropriate for performing FUE. He had tried other motorized devices in the past; however, he found the PCID was far superior. He commented that the PCID is lighter, very user-friendly, and did not get heated with extended use. Additionally, the size of the device made it easy for him to perform the FUE procedure.

At the conclusion of his three-day training course, he is now able to begin working with patients directly. He has even begun applying his new FUE skills on his own patients. Dr. Calixto is focused on providing quality work and optimal patient outcomes, which is why he opted to undergo FUE training with Dr. Cole. He now possesses the skills and tools necessary to provide his patients with the best in hair restoration.

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