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Hair Restoration Revolutionary Counting Incision Device

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010 10:34;

Imagine having the capacity to accurately maintain the incision count during recipient site preparation while communicating freely with your patients or staff. The new, cutting-edge Counting Incision Device (C-ID) allows physicians to simultaneously accomplish both! This new medical instrument is now offered by Device For Hair Restoration. The C-ID features an LED display that maintains a 5 digit count of recipient site preparation and 3 different tips with depth control for pre-cut blades or needles (18G, 19G, 20G or 21G), depending upon your preferred method of recipient site preparation. This revolutionary device is also light-weight, ergonomic and disposable.


The C-ID allows the physician to accurately maintain the incision count during recipient site preparation. With this new, automated technology, the physician can now freely communicate with the patient, which aids in reduction of patient anxiety from the procedure. Graft site preparation produces a sound that often makes the patient uncomfortable and nervous. With the C-ID, the physician can now openly communicate with the patient or staff during the procedure, which assists in reducing patient anxiety from the procedure and improves the overall rapport. In addition, the device also makes an audible beep with each incision that helps to distract the patient’s awareness of the sound produced by graft site preparation. In addition, many physicians often add a technician to assist them during graft site preparation to aid in counting. This reduces the cost efficiency of the procedure as the technician is focused on counting grafts rather than cutting grafts, thus potentially adding time and labor cost to the procedure. Finally, as most hair transplant procedures are billed on a per graft basis, the incision count accuracy of the CID is an effective way to reduce the cost of a procedure and to generate increased revenue for your practice.

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