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Hair Restoration Success Story Using Cole-Instruments for Royalty’s Family and Patients.

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Thursday, 08 October 2015 17:23;

Dato Dr. JasG of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the founder of Smart International Aesthetic. Dato Dr. JasG performs FUE Hair Restoration using Cole-Instruments tools with the guidance of Dr. John Cole himself together with Dato Dr JasG skills and formulation to achieve a good hair restoration result.

Dato Dr. JasG was also awarded the title of Dato’ (may only be bestowed bychereditary royal ruler of Malaysia) for achieving a remarkable result for his patients, prominent figure, and also the royalty's family by using the Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID)>. Dato Dr. JasG is also recognized for his contribution in time and effort into charitable events and community services.

Dato’ Dr. JasG who is the first in Malaysia in achieving a Diplomat status from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). Dato Dr. JasG has proved to have an excellent aesthetic skill and expertise. Dato’ Dr. JasG clinic values high quality and innovative services, teamwork, and integrity. Smart International Aesthetic aims to provide international services concentrating on hair, aesthetics, body and regenerative medicines: by delivering modern and effective medical treatments to their patients.

Cole Instruments are pleased to have played a small, yet vital, role in the success of the hair restoration results and is proud to be affiliated with Dato’ Dr. JasG. Cole Instruments is highly recommended to produce a very defined and satisfactory result for the hair restoration procedure. The Cole Instruments tools are at its finest in the market which is very important for the FUE procedure, thus makes a great difference in the results achieved. Dato Dr. JasG.

Dr Cole And Dato Jas

Dato Jas

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