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Hans Heinicke, MD Visit for Training with Dr. Cole

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014 19:17;

Dr. Hans Heinicke came for 2 days of training with Dr. Cole performing the CIT FUE method. Dr. Heinicke, who is originally from Peru will preside in Spain. His back ground is in Cosmetic Surgery as well as FUT. He explained that FUE was getting popular in Spain and that he wanted to be able to perform the procedure there. Dr. Heinicki viewed the Shaven, Non-Shaven and BHT procedures. Dr. Cole demonstrated with Cole Instruments using Pcid, Mpcid and the new CDD-Vortex. His assistants used our ATOE and Castroviejo for pulling follicles. They placed the follicles with our S-Jewelers Forceps using our ring graft storage and Chiller to name a few of the Cole Instruments that were used with the Cole Isolation Technique.


Hansheinicke Cole

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