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IHTI at the ISHRS Conference

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Tuesday, 10 April 2007 10:20;

In Las Vegas at the annual ISHRS conference, IHTI unveiled several of their patented and patent pending instruments to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic crowd of physicians from all over the world.  The patent pending CID device, which counts incisions sites accurately and with great speed was widely heralded as the best new hair restoration instrument in the past several years.  Physicians from around the world were captivated by the live surgical footage demonstrating the unique advantages of this precision instrument.  The seasoned staff of IHTI including Tesfaye Gutema, Ph.D., Engineering Manager, Patti Long, BSN,CST, General Manager, and Johnnie McCarthan, Sales Manager, was on hand to demonstrate the advantages of their multiple innovative devices including the Counting Incision Device, Cutting and Slivering Boards back-lighted with Optical fiber lines, and the Aid to Hairline Design.   Physicians from around the world purchased these innovative instruments in record numbers.

Hair Restoration Conference

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