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Welcome to the Cole Instruments website. Cole Instruments provides the highest quality, custom-made surgical instruments available. By hair restoration surgeons for hair restoration surgeons, we design products for maximum usability and the highest end results available today. The Cole Instruments line helps ensure successful procedures that you and your patients are proud to showcase.

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Cole Instruments Surgical Punches

Cole Instruments manufactures the absolute highest quality surgical punches on the market. Each is ideal for their situation, including manual and mechanical. The Cole Instruments punches have different types inclusing the Classic Punch, the Surrounded Punch and Zero-T punch.
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CII Punch Features:

  • Expanding internal diameter
  • Razor sharp cutting edge ideally situated to improve tissue cutting and reduce follicle trauma
  • Minimal resistance as the punch enters the tissue, and reduced friction
  • Long-life
  • Thin wall
  • Available in multiple sizes and shapes
  • Decreased operator forces reduce the risk of follicle transection. Special features result in a reduced external force and a lower reactive fluid motion of both follicle and skin.

Is Your Physician Using Cole Instruments?

Hair restoration continues to evolve. Making sure to use the best available tools is essential for the best possible results. This is the reason so many hair surgeons opt towards tools and devices from Cole Instruments. A surgeon using our products means:

  • Better quality
  • More efficient procedures
  • Great control and accuracy
  • More overall yield
  • Much smaller risk of follicle trauma
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