Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic








5 Reviews on “ForHair Hair Transplant Clinic”

5 reviews
  • Kevin S

    You won’t regret it! Dr Cole is the best out there, I had a wonderful experience and amazing results!

  • Michael

    Dr. Cole is Grade A in terms of quality of work. My procedure was quick, and pretty painless, and the results far exceeded my expectations! Dr. Cole was also super nice and courteous throughout the entire experience. I would highly recommend him and his services to family and friends.

  • Ric Moreno

    The great experience and skill of Dr. Cole are irrefutable, I had a clear demonstration in my shave-free transplant, the Cole to Go (C2G) of about 2,000 grafts. The nursing staff also excellent, a very efficient and close-knit team. My new hairline, after six months, gave me a younger look, at least 7 years less. I recommend to all my friends who wish to improve their look, regarding their baldness problems, to contact Forhair to have not only a perfect hair restoration but also the best aesthetic solution to their problems. Thank you Dr. Cole!

  • K.S

    Great clinic, You won’t be sorry!, I had wonderful results beyond my expectations. Dr. Cole and his staff are the best teams in the world by far.

  • Jerry H..

    Don’t listen to haters, Dr. Cole saved my life. I was so depressed about my hair loss and after 2 fue hair transplant sessions I am so happy, I had an amazing transformation from a miserable bald guy to a very happy and full of confidence guy

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