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Cole Instruments Presented at 4th AAHRS workshop in Bangkok

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Thursday, 09 April 2015 23:52;

Dr Cole 4th Aahrs Award

Dr. Cole and Cole Instruments attended the 4th AAHRS Annual Scientific Meeting and Live Surgical Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. He was one of 5 international faculty members invited to speak at the conference. This is the 1st time Cole Instruments has had a booth and participated in the Asian Meeting. During the workshop, many exciting, new instruments were presented. These included Miltex and SurgiTel instruments, a new slivering and cutting board with backlight, the vortex, the dual cup placing ring, and the PCID. Cole Instruments also presented a new punch that minimizes resistance and follicle transection rate along with a new surface area tool that aids in measuring the donor area for the total number of grafts. Dr. Cole performed live CIT procedures, demonstrating proper usage of a number of Cole Instrument’s tools, including a new prototype graft placement device he manufactured through Cole Instruments, Inc. Many areas of hair restoration were also discussed in-depth, including the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system manufactured by Restoration Robotics. Discussion on this machine revealed that many doctors have come to find it has a high transection rate, is quite slow, and does not harvest well in the lateral and inferior donor areas. For these reasons, many physicians are moving away from using it in their practices. Other fue motorized devices, such as Cole Instrument’s PCID, are made specifically for performing FUE hair transplants. Unlike the ARTAS, this tool has a low follicular transection rate, a high speed of graft removal, no missing grafts, and the ability to harvest from all donor regions. Dr. Cole demonstrated this instrument during one of his live surgeries, giving step-by-step instructions. The meeting was a great success, and Dr. Cole has even presented an award for his service as a faculty member.

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