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PCID Vs. Other Motorized Extraction Devices – A Comparison

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 15:46;
Published in Surgical Tools;

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Item Cole PCID ARTAS Neograft Harris SAFE Feller Ellis Alphagraft Er-p LeadM mPCID Vortex
Main system items Control box, handpiece, touch screen Controller, chair with robotic arm, computer. Controller, vacuum pump Controller, handpiece Handpiece Control box, handpiece Handpiece, charger Controller, handpiece (Six different versions) Controller, handpiece Control box, handpiece Battery Handpiece  
Power Electric Electric Electric, Suction Electric Battery powered Electric Battery Electric Electric Battery Battery  
Software   Yes, Low risk,Complex, 3-­‐D mapping site for both donor extraction and recipient insertion Present No No No No No Translated from Google to store and manage mosquito equation (Handpiece program). Yes No  
Foot switch Wired foot switch, Wireless foot switch Wired foot switch Wired foot switch No No Wired foot switch No Wired foot switch for five of the six versions Wired foot switch Wired foot switch Wired foot switch  
Overall size and weight Desktop Stationary Stationary Desktop Handheld Desktop Portable Desktop Desktop Desktop Portable  
Parmeters 1-­‐7,000 RPM rotary constant and rotary ramp (1-­‐7,000 RPM in some models),
4-­‐3,500 CPM oscillate constant and oscillate ramp (angle dependent), angle 5 to 540 deg , Rotoscillate (rotary followed by oscillate ramp).
Rotary only, speed range not given. Rotary only. Speed range not given. Rotary. Speed range not given. Oscillating (Not listed on website) Rotary and oscillate. Speeds not given Not listed Rotary, rotates clockwise or counterclockwise Oscillate. Speed 1 to 8 rev/sec, angle 90 to 540 deg 500-­‐4,000 RPM rotary constant and rotary ramp (250 RPM increments) , 500-­‐3,500 CPM Oscillate constant and oscillate ramp (250 CPM increments) at angle 90 to 540 degrees (angle dependent, 90 degree increments), Rotoscillate (rotary followed by oscillate). Rotary, rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. Max speed: 25,000 RPM  
Other comments Legible display, Gra^ counter, Depth stop, Quick connect to switch handpieces, safe handpiece holder Takes up office space for use. Operated by remote control from doctor and/or computer from surgical tech. Medicamat. Suction used for vacuuming hair follicles.     Contra Angle handpiece included (Holds 0.5 mm -­‐ 1.3 mm punches)   25,000 RPM is
rechargeable, 30,000 RPM had speed indicator on it.
Manufactured in South Korea, two handpieces Graft counter, Depth stop, Quick connect to switch handpieces, safe handpiece holder Digital speed indicator (shown in 1,000 RPMs), Depth stop, portable, holder for both controller and handpiece  
Punches Shank: 2.35 mm/ .092 in CuPng diameter: 0.75 -­‐ 1.35 mm,
Type: regular and serrated.
Custom Cucng diameter: 0.8 -­‐
1.4 mm. Type not given.
Not listed Cucng diameter: 0.9 mm, 1.00 mm regular Cucng diameter:
0.75 mm -­‐
1.25 mm regular (Ellis)
Not listed Cucng diameter: 0.6 mm -­‐ 1.0 mm, 1.3 mm rounded (Their measurements at inner diameter. Outer diameter from July 2014 measurements were 0.25 mm larger.) Not listed Shank: 2.33 mm/ .092 in CuPng diameter:0.75 -­‐ 1.35 mm,
Type: regular and serrated.
Shank: 2.35 mm/ .092 in CuPng diameter: 0.75 -­‐ 1.35 mm,
Type: regular and serrated.
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