Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

FUE Europe’s and HLC Clinic’s Training Workshop Exceeds Expectations

FUE Europe's and HLC Clinic's Training Workshop Exceeds Expectations

From October 3rd to 5th, FUE Europe held a live, hands-on hair restoration workshop in Ankara, Turkey, sponsored by the HLC Clinic.

The three-day gathering was productive and edifying. Its large collection of doctors was from all over the world, each learning and practicing the latest FUE iterations; right now the most effective and least invasive surgical technique within the industry.

Theoretical sessions and presentations alternated with hands-on courses, improving skill acquisition. The latter is particularly essential. Manual practice with expert instruction is proven to help with immediate competence.

Also of note, those performing the surgeries trained with Cole Instruments, a co-sponsor of the conference. Its founder, Dr. John Cole, demonstrated various utensils that are largely celebrated as the most advanced FUE surgery tools in the world.

Particularly, our group focused on the PCID (Powered Cole Isolation Device) and its mini version; the mPCID. This particular model supports the Zero-T punch, among the most advanced ever made.

A gala was hosted concluding the workshop. There, participants and instructors voiced a particularly sincere admiration for the workshop’s facilitators and staff as well the HLC Clinic’s truly impeccable facilities.

The following pages showcase images from the conference that, better than any word, express the spirit and energy that characterized this wonderful conference spearheaded by Dr. Ozgur Oztan.

welcome panel hlc clinic Ankara
presentations experts
extraction training cadavers
extraction training cadavers 2
museum anatolian civilization
museum anatolian civilization statue
group photo
dr cole entertains doctors
dr cole dr glen
dr glen watches dr cole pcid
dr cole extracting grafts pcid
dr glen operates pcid
pcid control screen
gala dinner
moment of relaxation
doctors award
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