Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

Glojas Malaysia Excels with Cole Instruments

Glojas Malaysia Excels with Cole Instruments

Glojas Smart International Aesthetic, a foremost hair and cosmetic surgery clinic in Malaysia, prefers Cole Instruments for hair restoration. Quality results first with safe approach and foremost require an experienced and proven surgeon. Top-caliber equipment, however, is also vital for successful procedures; an instrument’s particularities affect facets that range from scarring to transection rates.

Dato’ Dr. JasG’s SMART FUE and Cole Instruments

A hair expert with global renown and over twenty years of hair transplantation experience, Glojas Smart International Aesthetic’s founder, Dato’ Dr. JasG is an early advocate of FUE techniques in Malaysia, innovating his own variant dubbed SMART FUE. Certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), he currently serves as a diplomat of that organization as well as president of the Malaysian Hair Restoration Society (MHRS). His contributions to the field have led to major notice; he was awarded civil distinction, counts many prominent figures as patients, and serves as an aesthetic advisor for several major beauty competitions.

The usage of Cole Instruments was first implemented by Dato’ Dr. JasG after conducting many studies where results proved to be of optimal level. This intrigued Dr. Mohd Ali who is a plastic surgeon and hair transplant expert at Glojas. Today, Dr.Mohd Ali stands by Dato’ Dr.JasG’s firm faith in Cole Instruments and devices. Dato’ Dr. JasG and Dr. Mohd Ali had used many hair transplantation instrument brands but, from what he observed, none offer the unique advantages of Cole Instruments. Dato’ Dr JasG began to innovate SMART FUE variations that made the most of Cole Instruments’ unique products, thereby enhancing a technique already proven for its effectiveness and quality.

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Speed, Sensitivity, Handling: Why Glojas Aesthetics Prefers Cole Instruments

Dato’ Dr. JasG’s and Dr. Mohd Ali find Cole Instruments advantageous for numerous reasons. Intrinsically, such strengths are not just to the patient’s benefit either. Made by hair transplant surgeons for hair transplant surgeons, Cole Instruments particularly has features for the surgeon’s convenience. The aspects that stand out most to Glojas Aesthetics include:

  • Speed: Devices from Cole Instruments, particularly mechanical options, enable surgeons to extract grafts faster without sacrificing quality; device transection rates are less than three percent
  • Sharpness: Cole Instruments has an international reputation for the sharpest punches available, made with the highest quality steel
  • Handling: Mechanical options from Cole Instruments have unique, pragmatic features that improve the surgeon’s situational handling during graft extraction
  • Minimum intrusiveness: Cole Instruments emphasizes a design that minimally intrudes on the scalp, decreasing the chance of patient scarring

A clinic already boasting an international reputation for top results, Glojas Smart International Aesthetics’ hair transplant procedures are now quicker and more convenient than ever before. Sticklers for excellence, Dato’ Dr. JasG’s and Dr. Mohd Ali now can maintain their quality standards with greater efficiency.

Cole Instruments: A Brand Hair Transplant Experts can Trust

Founded by early FUE innovator Dr. John Cole, Cole Instruments exists to provide surgeons with top-quality equipment that facilitates top quality results. Early FUE practitioners’ efforts were frustrated by a lack of specialty equipment; Dr. Cole first began to design specialty punches for his personal use. Seeing firsthand how his unique designs improved result quality, he then began producing specialty equipment on a commercial scale.

A brand hair transplant specialists have trusted for over a decade, Cole Instruments continually remains ahead of the curb. Recent designs enhance extraction speed and handling while remaining minimally intrusive. The latter is a unique advantage that decreases scarring and the risk of follicular transection, both of which are provenly essential for the best available results. Contact us today to learn more about how Cole Instruments can benefit your clinics and patients.

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