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How to Use OKT Hair Implanter?

The largest advantage of OKT is that you can implant hair follicles in more precise depth. As we have seen many clinics who use OKT but do not take any care of this advantage, we hereby send you some link pages of Youtube for the newly made video clips, other than videos played at the booth of Prague congress, which will surely be helpful for you to use the most advantage of OKT.

Below two video clips that linked below are for instructions of assemble and disassemble. Titled ‘How to change needle’ also contains how to change the key features of OKT so this video is strongly recommended for not only assistances but also for a surgeon, or yourself.

How to change needle:

How to assemble nuts parts:

As OKT has more parts than others due to excellent features, there may be some confusions on assembling at the beginning. So for sure please make your assistances watch these videos “How to change needle” and “How to assemble nuts”.

Needle length:

This video explains how to adjust the length of the needle and fix it which is one of the key features of OKT.

Core depth:

This video explains how to adjust the depth of core and fix it which is one of the key features of OKT.

Videos linked below (1 – 6) are the ones that had been played at the booth during the Prague congress.

  • 1. The effects that 0.5 mm depth difference is going to bring about:

    This video shows the importance of how the adjusting and fixing the needle length, and adjusting and fixing the depth of core effect to the result of the operation. The video is created on the premise of adjusting the needle length slightly longer than the length of follicles. In case of operating with needle length adjusted much longer than follicles, you should change some points, for example, the core has to be adjusted and fixed to protrude than the tip of the device. This is abstracted from the video in which KUN OC. MD presented at the general session of the ISHRS2013 – San Francisco. Actually, it has been 5 years from the first presentation by the poster section at ISHRS Bahama meeting in 2012 and we appreciate your interest in this study lately.

  • 2. Sharp Needle – Operation Scene _Vol.1:

  • 3. Sharp Needle – Operation Scene _Vol.2:

    Above linked videos are showing “2-Step Implanting” which is a good example of how to maximize the advantages of OKT which has never been presented in any congresses yet. It shows that you can implant follicles making a tiny little hole in the tough epidermis first which makes you need less power to insert the needle and so prevent either popping or bleeding, and it helps to implant in higher density.

    Step 1. Point the needle onto one point of the scalp where follicles to be being implanted, and rotate implanter making a tiny hole and turn the bevel of the needle to downwards.

    Step 2. Insert needle straight in the angle you want implant.

  • 4. How to load hair follicles into needle:

    In this video, the tips of the follicles are visible in the bevel after loading. In this case, the needle length is adjusted slightly longer than the length of the hair root and the tip of implanter is slightly touching on the scalp when you click the implant to accomplish precise depth control. But most clinics including Korea load follicles invisibly because they adjust the needles much longer than follicles. In this case, you cannot figure out exactly where the tip of the follicle is located inside the needle and so inside the scalp, and you might not be able to estimate the exact depth of the inserted part of a long needle. Thus you cannot make exact depth control of implanted hairs. In this video the follicles were trimmed before loading if you don’t want to trim them, please refer to the video “loading the implanter” by Dr. Mauro Speranzini.

  • 5. Dull Needle – Operation Scene _Vol.1:

  • 6. Dull Needle – Operation Scene _Vol.2:

    In the videos, we make sites with a 0.8mm sharp needle of OKT implanter and place follicles with 1.0mm dull needle. But as you are skilled in site making, you’d better to use your own method. However, we recommend that you should make sites slightly smaller than the size of the dull needle.

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