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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

New Cole Dissection Device (CDD-Vortex) v6 Released

New Cole Dissection Device (CDD-Vortex) v6 Released

A New Enhanced Nose Cone

We have developed a new nose cone for the use with our Vortex. We have a new similar model for our Mini-PCID and our PCID.

The new nose cone is adjustable to precise 0.1 mm depth increments, so you always know how deep you are cutting. The new nose cone is 14.2 grams lighter than its predecessor. In comparison to our original nose cone, the new device has fewer working parts, does not require lubrication, and is easier to clean. The new nose cone is similarly autoclavable, but lubrication is not necessary.

We worked hard to develop this new nose cone for FUE. All of our instruments are designed specifically for FUE by Dr. Cole and his team of engineers, all of whom have participated in more FUE extractions than any team in the world.

The new nose cone does not require sonification during the cleaning process; however, you should set the depth of the punch back to zero before cleaning. If you have the anodized blue nose cone, wipe the tip with alcohol to clean. Do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean the blue nose cone. Hydrogen peroxide can alter the color and eliminate your depth scale. If you have the silver nose cone, made of stainless steel, you can clean this with hydrogen peroxide if you like. Again, you do not need to lubricate this new nose cone.

Begin with a working depth of 3.0 mm and adjust deeper to provide for easy extraction of the grafts. Typically, you will not need to go beyond a depth of 4.0 mm. However, the choice of depth is dependent on the individual operator.

The vortex works extremely well with our standard serrated tip punches and our new window serrated tip punch.

Remember that our Mini-PCID and our PCID also perform oscillation and rotation followed by oscillation. We design our motors for scalp surgery, in particular FUE, and not for drilling teeth like other hand pieces.

We create the optimal devices for sharp dissection and oscillation for FUE. We don’t use sewing machine parts for oscillation. With oscillation, our variable angle and oscillation are both patented. We also own the patent on serrated tip punches. Incidentally, we also own the patent on the use of an actuator to advance the punch into the skin. We are always a step ahead on the competition.

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