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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

Cole Instruments Will Attend These Upcoming Hair Restoration Events in 2017

Cole Instruments Will Attend These Upcoming Hair Restoration Events in 2017

Dr. Cole is the scientific committee director for FUE Europe on May 18-21, 2017 in Ankara, Turkey. The program’s chairmen are Dr. Ozgur Oztan and Shadi Zari. This program will highlight two days of live surgery demonstrations, a hands-on cadaver workshop, a review of the anatomy of the scalp, and a detailed program for both new comers and seasoned professionals in FUE. The faculty consists of physicians having the most experience in FUE from around the world.

On May 27 and May 28, Dr. Cole present two papers at The Congress of Italian Society for Hair Science in Venice, Italy; one on Cytokine Rich Plasma and another on Managing Complications in FUE.

On June 4, 2017 Dr. Cole will speak at the inaugural meeting of the Taiwan Society of Hair Restoration Surgery organized by Dr. Peter Peng.

Cole Instruments will also be at all three meetings to demonstrate an all new multi-graft implanter, and a skin tensioning device for both the donor and recipient areas. The multi-graft implanter is a new FUE hand piece capable of precisely setting depth control in 0.1 mm increments.

More About the FUE Europe Meeting in Ankara

ankara workshop

New Technological Breakthroughs

The FUE Europe meeting in Ankara, Turkey will have many firsts. In Ankara, we will demonstrate the preparation and injection of adipose enriched stem cells derived from the perifollicular adipose and the procurement and injection of follicle stem cells. Dr. Cole will show his multi-graft implanter capable of placing up to 35 grafts per minute, a new FUE hand piece with 0.1 mm precision depth control and an adjustable skin-tensioning device for both the donor and the recipient area.

Learn from Expert Physicians

The faculty includes the most experienced FUE physicians in the world. You will not have another opportunity to collectively see these physicians, ask them questions, nor observe them demonstrate their skills at any other meeting in 2017. FUE Europe is a meeting of surgeons who perform their own work, rather than a meeting of doctors requiring the assistance of nurses to perform surgeries for them. One can expect to learn the details about FUE only from the most experienced and skilled surgeons who perform these hands-on techniques. One cannot expect to learn the same details from doctors who require nurses to perform the surgery.

About the Program

The program includes work with cadavers and an anatomy lesson. We will have six surgery rooms going simultaneously on Saturday, May 20, 2017. The lectures and discussions are appropriate for both beginners and experienced surgeons.

We look forward to seeing you in Ankara May 18-21. If you can’t make it to Ankara, your other options to learn FUE from seasoned surgeons will be FUE Paraguay in June or the ISHRS meeting in Poland/Prague later in the fall. However, because Dr. Cole is the scientific committee director in Ankara, only here will you see the most current developments in hair restoration and cell-based therapy. Dr. Cole will ensure that you see the latest advances.

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