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Cole Instruments at the FUE Technology Workshop 2012

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Friday, 27 July 2012 03:39;


Cole Instruments, in attendance with Dr. Cole is pleased to be a part of the FUE Technology Workshop and Hands on Experience in Denver, CO August 4th and 5th sponsored by The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and Hair Sciences Center of Colorado-HSCC.  The agenda includes lectures of the mechanized instruments, live surgeries by Dr. Cole and other FUE practicing surgeons, along with observational and hands-on training.

Representatives for Cole Instruments will be demonstrating the product line and tools exclusive to Dr. Cole’s instrument company.  This is also an extraordinary opportunity for the 60+ attendees to gain inside knowledge on the product line and talk in depth with those attending the show, as well.

Dr. Cole and Cole Instruments is looking forward to thanking those who are currently doing business with us. 

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