Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

CIT Manual Punch Handle

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Each CIT manual punch handle is custom-made to accept the razor-sharp punches available exclusively from Cole Instruments. Each handle allows for minimal depth control essential to the Cole Instrument technique. The minimal depth control feature of the Cole Isolation Technique (CITTM) reduces the risk of follicle injury. Only the CIT handle allows for the precise control of incision depth with punches exclusively available from Cole Instruments.


Cole Instrument punches are the sharpest punches on the market with the thinnest walls and the ideal location of the cutting surface. These punches allow for minimal friction during graft harvesting. The reduced friction helps to keep the entire follicular unit inside the punch and away from the cutting edge of the punch to reduce the risk of follicle injury.

Manual CIT is the fastest-recorded method of manual FUE in the world. The precise capacity to control the depth of follicle extraction along with the Cole Instrument punches make this the preferred method of performing FUE.

The transection rate from manual CIT is 2.57%. In a 19-patient study the rate of CIT manual extraction for 100 grafts was 5.64 minutes, which corresponds to a rate of 1064 grafts per hour. For even greater rates, check out the Programmable Cole Isolation Device.

* Cole Instruments offers training in the use and application of all devices available through Cole Instruments.


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