Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

Self Filling Device (SFD) single


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The Self-Filling Device (SFD) allows for tumescence of the skin using disposable 3 cc Thermo syringes. The device has a few working parts. The device may be attached to an IV bag to allow injection of the skin with saline or a dilute mixture of local anesthetic. The device may be broken down into multiple parts following use for easy cleaning and autoclaving. The device offers the ability to control the volume up to 3 cc with each compression of the handle. Following infiltration of the skin, the device automatically re-fills with the solution in your IV bag.

The use of this device speeds up the process of tumescence and helps to minimize the risk of accidental needle injury. The device may be adapted to an IV pole and stored in a protective housing. The protective housing significantly reduces the risk of accidental needle injury and allows the user to free space on the operative table.

This device requires periodic lubrication as detailed in the owner’s manual.


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