Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians
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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

DermLite DL4W Unit

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DermLite DL4W is useful in hair restoration surgery for the evaluation of hair density and follicular unit density both pre-operatively and post-operatively.  The DermLite provides accurate donor area density assessments through the application of precise raticules.  All other methods of evaluating the donor area density are much less accurate.  The DermLite may be attached to a variety of cameras so that the donor area may be documented in a digital image.  Such images are useful in explaining your treatment plan or results to a patient and for use in presentations at medical conferences.

The Dermlite has many different size raticules that allow the physician to accurately measure hair density or approximate the size of a skin lesion. The reticule options include 1 square centimeter,, and 10 square millimeters. In addition, the one square centimeter may be divided into quadrants with each measuring 0.25 square centimeters. These raticules are very helpful in estimating hair density. In a statistically significant study, Dr. Cole found that the 10 square millimeter reticule produced the same results as a 1 square centimeter reticule when determining follicular unit density. In another study, Dr. Cole found that these raticules with a precise known diameter result in statistically significant different densities when compared to other devices where the reticule size is estimated such as the Rassman densitometer. If you want a precise follicular density, the DermLite and the DermLite raticules are the equipment to own.

Dr. Cole recommends that you combine the DermLite 4 and appropriate reticule with a camera that allows you to zoom into the donor area so that you can see the follicular density more clearly and more accurately evaluate the follicular density. A number of options exist. One very popular option is the attachment to the iPhone, which allows for excellent zoom capability.


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These examples show the density of follicular units using the 1 sq cm and the 10 sq mm raticules.


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