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Hair Restoration Surgical Tools for FUE Physicians

Round Backlight for Graft Boards


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The Graft Processing Board with LED backlight (REF: 601.000 for the board, 614.000 for the backlight) is used to process tissue after extraction from the donor area. The Board is lit with a LED backlight that is shown in Figure 2. A Processing Board has four wells for use.

round gpb figure1


The Graft Board is packaged individually in a plastic bubble wrap bag. The LED backlight is packaged individually in a Styrofoam container that is contained in a cardboard box.

Instructions for use:

The Graft Processing Board is used to process grafts extracted from the donor area and prepare those follicles for insertion into the recipient area during a hair transplant. The processing area is used to process grafts. Each of the four wells is used to store different hair follicles. In Figure 1 above, there are two places where forceps and scalpels can be placed during the process. Lighting is done with the LED backlight shown in Figure 2 above. To place the backlight onto the graft board, turn the graft processing board upside down as shown in Figure 3 below.

Figure 4 above shows the LED backlight placed in the pocket. Loosen one or both thumbscrews on the graft board enough to Insert the LED backlight and then tighten one or both screws to secure the light to the board. Flip the board with the backlight and turn on the light, adjusting it to where it is needed as shown in Figure 5 below. Turn off the LED backlight and remove it from the Graft Processing Board when completed in order for both items to be cleaned. Unplug the LED backlight from the receptacle prior to cleaning.

round gpb figure2

Cleaning and sterilization:

    • Please clean and sterilize the board when you receive it before first and after every use.
    • Please wipe down the rest of the LED backlight with a germicidal disposable wipe when first received and after every use. Place a clear plastic infection control barrier over the LED control prior to use.

Manual cleaning is used for both items, so the following steps are used for the LED backlight.

    • Clean the rest of the backlight using a germicidal disposable wipe.
    • Place disposable wipe and infection control barrier into a Biohazard bag after use.

Manual cleaning for the graft processing board is shown in the following steps below.

    • Clean using nylon brushes and a neutral pH cleaner at best temperature and concentration to remove any solid matter in the work area.
    • Check to see there is any damage to the board.
    • Rinse thoroughly using running water and then let air dry.
    • >Place the item in a sterilizer bag by itself and seal it.

Sterilize (autoclave) the Graft Board as defined by sterilizer manufacturer instructions, and by respective standards and regulations. The Board is autoclavable.


Read all instructions before use.

  • Clean and sterilize the graft processing board before first use and after every use.
  • Wipe down the LED backlight with a germicidal disposable wipe before first use and after every use.
  • Unplug the LED backlight from the receptacle prior to cleaning.

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