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FUE & FUT Hair Transplant


Cole Instruments offers numerous hair transplant products to assist surgeons in hair restoration surgery. The instruments are designed to improve patient results and increase the efficiency of the hair transplant procedure. Cole Instruments designs and manufactures instruments for donor harvesting, graft storage, recipient site preparation, graft preparation, tissue anesthesia and tumescence; hairline design, and sharps protection.

Cole Instruments has numerous instruments that are still in the design phase. Cole Instruments currently makes the fastest, safest, and most established instruments to perform Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE.

Cole Instruments Inc.
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My experience with the PCID is fantastic…I arrived for training 3 days ago and had a lot of problems first time doing FUE, now i am at my 3rd day and it’s very easy for me to extract the grafts, believe it or not but my transection rate is below 5% while in the beginning it was around 15%! ...

Dr. Carlos Calixto